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Human beings are social beings. Most people, and most of the time, people thrive while in the company of others. We all want someone to listen to us while we share our stories, to embrace us and say it is going to be okay when we are devastated. This is why every year, people skip school, miss work and get away from their normal life to celebrate events in our calendar such as New Year, Christmas Eve, Easter and other national and religious events. In addition, we have other celebrations such as birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and many others to keep us together. In this article, we will discuss how celebrating events leads to stronger relationships.

Celebrating events helps us to appreciate each other. Everyone including our top leaders loves to be appreciated. Appreciation can be in the form of kind words or offering gifts and presents. Appreciating people helps us to recognise the efforts other people are putting to benefit us. Words of gratitude express a sense of care which makes relationships grow stronger.

Celebrations lighten the moment and make it easier for people to relate closely to each other. During celebrations, people are more likely to get to know each other at a more personal level compared to how they interact while in the office. In the office, everyone is busy trying to beat a deadline or solving out different issues. But at a celebration, the environment is cheerful and people are more open. This builds relationships between employees and the organisation’s management or between colleagues.

Celebrating big events is also a motivating factor to the employees and the company at large. When companies celebrate a milestone, it boosts the morale of the employees to continue working hard to achieve even more. It also helps the leadership team to recognise the efforts made by everyone in the organisation to reach the milestone. This encourages teamwork which in return strengthens relationships. Working together helps people to know one another and share feedback on areas of growth as well as acknowledge when something is done right.

When a company allows employees time off to celebrate their events, such as, wedding, honeymoon, anniversaries, graduations or any other event, it shows the employee that the employer is still a human being who is concerned about the employee’s welfare and happiness. This will enable the employee and employer relationship to grow deeper because there is a sense of understanding between the two. It will create a free environment where the employee can approach the employer for feedback or share their ideas.

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Celebration events also help us to network and make connections with other people. It this during such events that people meet potential clients and establish relationships. Influential, learned and experienced people are invited to big events to share their knowledge on a particular field. This can be an opportunity for one to meet someone who can be a mentor. In addition, through such events, young people can meet friends and marriage partners. These interactions enhance relationships not only at a personal level but also among different companies.

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