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Celebrate in Style with Get Chauffeured – Elevate life’s key moments with our special occasion transfer services. Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, formals, and more, we add a touch of luxury to make your events unforgettable. Our range, including the Range Rover Sport, Maserati Quattroporte, and Mercedes-Benz V-Class, caters to every celebration’s vibe.

Unmatched Service for Memorable Moments – We provide more than just transport; we deliver the finest experience for your special occasions. Our chauffeurs, dressed in suits and ties, offer sophisticated, courteous service, handling everything from door service to a comfortable ride. When you choose our special occasion transfers, you get a luxury vehicle and a tailored experience to enhance your event’s significance, making every trip as special as your celebration.

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5 Reasons Why

Celebrities, Influencers, Politicians, and Royals Choose

Get Chauffeured Over Rideshare and Taxi Services


  1. Discretion and Privacy: Get Chauffeured provides a high level of discretion and privacy, essential for high-profile individuals. The professional approach ensures that their travel and privacy requirements are respected, a feature less predictable in standard rideshare or taxi services.
  2. Premium and Luxurious Vehicles: Get Chauffeured’s affiliated fleet includes luxury full-size vehicles that meet the standards expected by celebrities, influencers, and dignitaries. These vehicles offer not just comfort but also the style and sophistication that align with their public image.
  3. Personalised Service: Each journey with Get Chauffeured is tailored to the specific needs and preferences of the client. This bespoke service can include everything from the choice of vehicle to on-board amenities, something that standard rideshare and taxi services cannot offer consistently.
  4. Security and Safety: For high-profile individuals, security is paramount. Get Chauffeured’s chauffeurs are trained to handle sensitive situations and prioritise the safety of their passengers, providing peace of mind that is often necessary for celebrities and public figures.
  5. Dependable and Punctual: Reliability is key in the tight schedules of high-profile individuals. Get Chauffeured is known for its punctuality and reliability, ensuring that clients arrive at their destinations on time, every time, which is a level of assurance that rideshare and taxi services might not always provide.

Accommodation Transfers

Travel to your hotel comfortably with our chauffeured vehicles, ensuring smooth and reliable transfers for every trip.

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Cruise Terminal Transfers

Start your cruise hassle-free with our dependable hire car service, ideal for travellers with Royal Caribbean, Princess, Carnival, or P&O Cruises.

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Restaurant & Bar Transfers

Make your next night out special with our chauffeured cars, offering convenient and comfortable travel to any dining destination.

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Sports Event & Concerts

Get to Australia’s sports events and concerts easily and style in our chauffeured cars.

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Count on us for safe, dependable and hassle-free corporate transportation.

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