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Get Chauffeured has developed a reputation for being Australia’s most requested hire car company for recovery transport services. The majority of our business is generated by word of mouth through referrals from claimants and case managers. This is not because our cars turn up on-time every time, it’s because we genuinely care about our passengers and their recovery process. We’re big on positive vibes so we do everything we can to make our passengers smile.

We offer the convenience of preferred driver requests, allowing for a more personalised and consistent travel experience to rehabilitation and medical centres, IME appointments and return-to-work programs. By understanding the critical importance of reliable and comfortable transport for recovery, we’ve crafted our Booked Car With Driver (BCWD) services to make life easier for case managers with Australia’s largest corporations & Government organisations.

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Yes, We Offer Travel Services In Regional Areas

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We understand the importance of honest, upfront rates when arranging travel services. Our service isn’t just about reaching your destination; it’s about efficiency and value. We offer point-to-point transfers, and hourly rates for short & long distance travel. We offer corporate discounted rates & ensure every route is planned to ensure efficiency whilst remaining cost-effective. By embracingelectric and hybrid vehicles, we’re also reducing environmental impact.

Get Chauffeured operates across Australia, including regional areas. We understand the administrative demands placed on our corporate and Government clients, so we’ve implemented an easy invoicing procedure that aligns with your organisation’s requirements. After each completed journey, our system efficiently processes itemised invoices, ensuring transparency and ease of account management.

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5 Reasons Why

Thousands Prefer Get Chauffeured Over Rideshare and Taxi Services

1. Personalised, Reliable Service – We turn up on time, every time. We operate across Australia wide including regional areas. With us, every booking is handled by someone who understands your unique travel needs. This ensures a smooth, time-saving experience without the anxiety of tracking drivers on an app or expecting a phone call that their car hasn’t arrived.

2. Honest, Accurate Pricing – Our pricing structure offers upfront rates with no surprise surcharges. Confirmations are sent with prices before travel including GST, parking, fuel & tolls. We offer corporate discounted rates aimed at keeping transport as cost-effective as possible.

3. Exceptional Communication – Book with us over the phone, by email or online – someone from our team is always available. Our difference is with the little things like hearing a familiar voice who knows you and your claimants. Our passengers enjoy conversations with their drivers.

4. Customised Invoices – Our invoices are tailored to meet the needs of large corporations. Sent post-travel with up to 30-day terms, each invoice is clear and detailed for each passenger. We strive to make the process as straightforward as possible for our corporate clients.

5. Suitable Vehicles – Unlike standard rideshares, we use full-sized sedans and minibuses, prioritising comfort and space over compact, cramped alternatives. Our modern vehicles are safe, clean and reliable, offering a comfortable journey without unnecessary luxury. Our vehicles have ample room for collapsible wheelchairs, crutches, knee scooters etc. We operate across Australia – including regional areas.

NDIS Accredited

Being part of the NDIS framework means that transport providers are held to high reliability and service quality standards. We prioritise passenger safety and comfort with well-maintained, clean hire vehicles with modern safety features driven by people who care.


Great Communication

Safe, smooth drivers who are professional in their conduct and empathetic towards passengers with injuries or special needs can make a significant difference in the quality of the travel experience. Each driver is well-trained & accredited within each state.


Reliable and Punctual

Dependability is crucial, especially when attending rehabilitation & medical centres and IME appointments. Our company has a reputation for being on time to avoid any stress or complications. Our drivers are local experts with years of experience.


Accessible Vehicles

Our 550+ vehicle network, designed for passenger comfort, offers full-sized sedans and minibuses with extra legroom. We offer accessible vehicles with features such as wheelchair lifts, easy entry and exit, and sufficient space to ensure passenger comfort.




Injury Recovery Transport FAQ

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Can passengers request specific drivers for their comfort and preferences?

Absolutely, we welcome driver requests to align the journey with passengers’ comfort and preferences, providing a personalised travel experience with every transfer.


Get Chauffeured is an NDIS registered transport provider, how does that benift me as a passenger during my injury recovery process?

Specialised Vehicles and Equipment: NDIS transport providers often have vehicles specifically modified to accommodate mobility aids, such as wheelchairs or scooters, ensuring you can travel comfortably and safely regardless of your mobility limitations.

Trained and Sensitive Staff: Our drivers and staff are trained to understand and cater to the needs of passengers with disabilities or injuries. This training ensures they can provide the necessary assistance with empathy and professionalism, making your journey more comfortable and stress-free.

Reliability and Consistency: Being part of the NDIS framework means that transport providers are held to high reliability and service quality standards. This ensures that you can expect consistent, punctual, and dependable transportation services, which is crucial for attending medical appointments or other engagements on time.

Can Get Chauffeured provide transport services in regional areas of Australia?

Yes, our expansive network of over 550 affiliated vehicles ensures we can offer timely services across Australia, including many regional areas, reducing travel time and costs for our clients.


How quick is the booking process with Get Chauffeured?

Booking a return journey with us is a swift and efficient process, taking approximately just 2 minutes to complete over the phone or online, ensuring your travel arrangements are made without delay.


Will I get a confirmation for my bookings with Get Chauffeured?

Yes, immediately after your booking is accepted, you will receive a system-generated reservation confirmation with prices before each trip. Keep in mind that this confirmation is separate from your invoice, which is issued after the completion of services for account holders.


What is Booked Car With Driver (BCWD)?

Booked Car With Driver (BCWD) refers to a pre-arranged, chauffeur-driven vehicle service that is available upon booking, rather than on-demand like a taxi. At Get Chauffeured, our BCWD service ensures that a professional driver along with a high-quality vehicle is reserved exclusively for your scheduled trips, providing a reliable and professional travel experience tailored to your individual needs in Australia.


What procedures does Get Chauffeured have in place to ensure COVID-safe transport?

We adhere to strict hygiene standards with routine maintenance checks and rigorous cleaning, ensuring a spotless environment and reflecting our commitment to high-quality corporate travel.


Is it possible to book corporate transport for an entire rehabilitation program schedule?

Yes, we can arrange transportation for the full schedule of a rehabilitation program, ensuring continuity and ease for both the passenger and their case managers.


Booked Car With Driver Travel Services

Safer, Smoother Cars & Buses

We ensure coverage even in regional areas, from full-sized sedans and SUVs to people movers and wheelchair-accessible vehicles. Focused on providing exceptional service to everyone, we proudly announce we are now a registered National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) transport provider.

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