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Chrysler 300

Full-Sized Sedan (1-4 Passengers)

The Chrysler 300C is the perfect choice for its large style and practical features. Its luxurious leather seating in the rear, climate-controlled air conditioning, and convenient charging and media ports ensure a comfortable and enjoyable ride. With a spacious interior that can accommodate up to four passengers, this full-sized sedan comes in timeless shades of White, Grey, and Black – perfect for any occasion. Whether it’s carrying luggage for a business trip or providing space for mobility aids, the Chrysler 300C is the ultimate choice for discerning travellers.

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Chrysler 300c Interior

Genesis G80

Full-Sized Sedan (1-4 Passengers)

The Genesis G80 Sedan stands out as a dependable and versatile full-sized sedan, catering to both corporate and personal transport needs with its comfortable and spacious seating for four passengers. It combines style with practicality, featuring temperature-regulating seats, privacy-tinted windows for a more enjoyable ride, and a central multimedia screen that keeps passengers connected and entertained. The sedan also boasts a generous trunk space, accommodating luggage, collapsible wheelchairs, and other essentials with ease.

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Genesis Interior

Toyota Camry SL

Full-Sized Sedan (1-4 Passengers)

The Camry SL Hybrid merges eco-friendly performance with spaciousness and comfort, presenting itself as a prime option for those prioritising environmentally conscious transport without sacrificing luxury. The interior is enhanced with leather-accented upholstery, adding a layer of luxury while embracing eco-innovation. It also features a generous 524L cargo capacity and 60/40 split-fold rear seating, providing plenty of space for luggage and the option to accommodate a collapsible wheelchair. For connectivity, the multimedia system includes Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, ensuring entertainment and navigation are always within reach.

Camry SL Hire Car
Camry Interior copy

Lexus ES300h Hybrid

Full-Sized Sedan (1-4 Passengers)

The Lexus ES300h Hybrid stands as a model of how environmental responsibility and comfort can harmoniously blend, especially for those with a discerning taste. Its hybrid engine promises exceptional fuel efficiency and positions it as a top pick for eco-conscious travellers. With its plush leather seating, the interior accommodates up to four passengers in sustainable luxury. The boot space is sufficient for personal items and a collapsible wheelchair, highlighting the vehicle’s practicality. Advanced connectivity features like Bluetooth and HD Radio are standard, ensuring entertainment and connectivity at all times. Available in black, white, and silver.

Lexus ES300H Hire Car
Lexus Interior

Tesla Model Y

Full-Sized Sedan (1-4 Passengers)

The Tesla Model Y is a prime example of how sustainable engineering and spacious design can meet the demanding needs of corporate travel. This all-electric vehicle not only underscores a commitment to eco-friendly efficiency but also caters to the sophisticated preferences of modern business travellers. With a substantial boot capacity, including under-floor storage, it is well-suited to easily handle business equipment, luggage, and presentation materials. The Model Y’s sleek, modern design conveys a professional image. Available colour options include black, white, and silver.

Tesla Model Y Hire Car
Tesla Model Y interior

Audi A6 Full-Sized Sedan

European Sedan (1-4 Passengers)

The Audi A6 Sedan stands as a testament to stylish reliability, offering a perfect blend of comfort and utility to meet a wide range of transportation needs, from corporate engagements to special occasions. It features a spacious interior with seating for four passengers, ensuring comfort for group travel or individual commutes. The sedan is designed with thoughtful considerations for comfort. Storage is also a key aspect of the A6, providing sufficient space for luggage, collapsible wheelchairs, and other essentials. Colour options for the A6 include black, white, and silver, catering to diverse preferences.

Audi A6 Hire Car
Audi A6 interior

Mercedes-Benz E-Class

European Sedan (1-4 Passengers)

The Mercedes-Benz E-Class is a harmonious blend of comfort, utility, and style, tailored for diverse transportation requirements. It provides spacious and comfortable leather seating for four passengers, complemented by multi-zone air conditioning, making it suitable for group and individual travel. The vehicle ensures connectivity and entertainment with standard Bluetooth and an optional premium sound system. With a generous boot space, it easily accommodates luggage, collapsible wheelchairs, and other essentials, emphasising its practicality for various journeys.

Mercedes Benz E-Class Hire Car
Mercedes Benz E Class Interior

Maserati Quattroporte

Luxury Sedan (1-4 Passengers)

The Maserati Quattroporte distinguishes itself as a symbol of sophistication, ideally suited for weddings, formals, and special occasions. Its design combines elegance with a commanding presence, ensuring it stands out on any significant occasion. The Quattroporte’s elegance aligns with the atmosphere of a wedding, providing a sophisticated backdrop for photographs and enhancing the experience for the bridal party.

Maserati Quattropote Hire Car
Maserati Interior

Range Rover Sport

Luxury SUV (1-4 Passengers)

The Range Rover Sport epitomizes luxury and versatility, making it an impeccable selection for high-profile events such as weddings, school formals, and other special occasions. Inside, the cabin offers spacious comfort with high-quality finishes, allowing guests to travel in style. Its generous boot capacity is thoughtfully designed to hold everything from event materials to personal luggage, addressing every possible need. With its presence, the Range Rover Sport is ideally suited for showcasing class and refinement at weddings, galas, and corporate events.

Range Rover Sport Hire Car
Range Rover Sport Interior

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