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Make a lasting impression at your next PR event or product launch with Get Chauffeured’s professional chauffeur services. We understand the importance of first impressions in the corporate world, especially for Public Relations firms and advertising agencies. Our luxury sedans and people movers are not just vehicles; they’re a statement of your commitment to quality and attention to detail, ensuring your guests arrive in comfort and style.

A Smooth, Impressionable Experience for Attendees – Transporting editors and attendees to your product launch or PR event can be a seamless experience with our services. Opting for a professional chauffeur-driven car over a standard taxi or rideshare not only enhances the perceived value of your event but also demonstrates your consideration for your guests’ comfort and convenience.

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Drivers With Years Of Experience

Personalised Guest Transport

Professionalism and Communication – Our team excels in providing smooth, hassle-free transportation for your events. From the moment of booking, you’ll experience professional communication and meticulous coordination. Our dedicated teams specialise in organising transport logistics, directly liaising with passengers to ensure every aspect of their journey meets our high standards of service.

Tailored Transport Solutions for Your Event Needs – Understanding the diverse needs of PR events and product launches, we offer tailored transport solutions. Whether it’s individual transfers in luxury sedans or group travel in our spacious people movers, our fleet is equipped to handle your requirements with the utmost professionalism, ensuring a cohesive and impressive travel experience for all attendees.

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Proven Results

A Trusted Brand In Australian Transport

Get Chauffeured has established itself as a pillar of trust in the Australian corporate transport sector over 18 years. Our journey, marked by transporting over 425,000 passengers, showcases our commitment to exceptional service. We understand the importance of reliability and precision in corporate events, which is why we provide timely reservation confirmations and meticulously coordinated travel plans. Our extensive experience isn’t just a number; it’s a promise of quality and professionalism that has defined us as a leader in corporate transport across Australia.

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Specialising in efficient logistics for corporate events, with punctual and reliable transportation services.


Diverse and Quality Fleet

Featuring luxury sedans, minibuses, and limousines, our fleet caters to a variety of corporate travel requirements.

Trusted Travel Brand

18 years in business, transporting thousands of passengers to corporate events across each state in Australia.

Professional Chauffeurs

Our chauffeurs are experienced and discreet, ensuring a high standard of service for every corporate event.

Event Transport FAQ

Can your services accommodate last-minute changes in travel plans?

Yes, we are equipped to handle last-minute changes efficiently. Our flexible approach and resourceful team allow us to adapt quickly to alterations in travel schedules, ensuring minimal disruption to your plans.


How does Get Chauffeured contribute to environmental sustainability?

We are committed to sustainability and have incorporated eco-friendly practices into our services. This includes the use of electric and hybrid vehicles in our fleet, as well as implementing fuel-efficient driving techniques to reduce our environmental impact.

Can Get Chauffeured arrange multiple cars with multiple drivers for larger corporate events or groups?

Definitely. For larger corporate events or group needs, we can arrange multiple vehicles accompanied by professional drivers. Our team excels in coordinating complex transport requirements, ensuring synchronised arrival and departure times for all vehicles, providing a seamless and efficient experience for larger groups.

How can Get Chauffeured manage transportation for dozens of passengers from different locations?

No problem at all. Our team specialises in organising the logistics for events with multiple passengers from various locations. Just provide us with the details, and we’ll take it from there. We’ll liaise directly with each passenger to arrange pickup and drop-off times, ensuring everyone is transported efficiently and comfortably to and from the event. With our expertise, you can rest assured that the transportation aspect of your event will be handled smoothly and professionally.

What are the most suitable vehicles for transportation to product launch events?

We highly recommend our Mercedes-Benz V Classes or our range of corporate sedans for product launch events. These vehicles strike the perfect balance between style, comfort, and practicality. The Mercedes-Benz V Classes are ideal for groups, offering spacious and luxurious interiors, while our corporate sedans provide a more intimate setting, perfect for smaller parties or VIP guests. Both choices ensure a sophisticated and comfortable journey to your event.

Honest, Upfront Event Pricing

Cost-Effective Without Compromising on Quality – While we focus on providing a premium service, we also understand the importance of cost-effectiveness for our corporate clients. Our team works diligently to offer the most efficient transport solutions, balancing high-end service with sensible pricing. This approach ensures you can make an impactful statement at your event without unnecessary expenditure.

Specialising in Organised, Efficient Event Transport – Rely on Get Chauffeured for your next PR event or product launch in Sydney. Our expertise in handling event transport logistics means you can focus on the event itself, trusting us to manage all your transportation needs. We take pride in our ability to offer organised, efficient, and elegant transport services that complement the professionalism and prestige of your event.

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Istanbul, Turkey - June 11 2021 :  Mercedes-Benz combines comfort and luxury with V 300 d. It is a business-class MPV.

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