Our Top Things to do in Lockdown

Posted on 02nd September 2021 under Uncategorized

Whether you’re in Sydney, Brisbane, or Melbourne, we can almost guarantee that you’d be feeling the effects of the current lockdowns and COVID restrictions. Lucky for you, we have made a list of things to help pass the time and look forward to post lockdown!

  1. Plan the event you missed out on

Whether you missed out on a school celebration, a birthday, an engagement, or hen’s… now is a great time to start planning your event. With the extra time you may have on your hands, use it to perfect any idea’s you may have and to book any suppliers that are vital to the day. With so many postponements happening for all different occasions, suppliers’ diaries are filling up quickly so its best to start booking in now, such as the cakes, venues, florists, and chauffeured transport for the day.

  1. Get outdoors!

Being inside all day isn’t ideal, so we highly recommend spending some time outdoors and getting some Vitamin D. Whether that involves working outside for a few hours, going on an afternoon walk and watching the sunset, exercising outside, reading a book, or maybe throwing the ball around for your pet. Whatever it is, ensure you try to get some sun and fresh air.

  1. Plan a post lockdown road trip/holiday

We understand it’s probably been a while since you’ve been able to travel or even leave your state! Which makes now the perfect time to plan out an Australian road trip or holiday. Take your time to plan out everything in detail such as states and territories you wish to visit, where you’re going to stay and tourist locations you want to book and more. A lot of organising goes into road trips and holidays which makes lockdown the perfect excuse to sit down and plan your entire trip (also gives you something to look forward to post lockdown). Don’t forget, our Get Chauffeured team are experts in all things travel so if you have any enquiries or need to book airport transfers you can call our office! 

  1. Zoom party with your friends

Not seeing your friends and family has been tough for everyone. Its super important to keep in touch with your friends and family whether it’s via Facetime or Zoom or just a phone call. Try make it a weekly thing to catch up with your loved ones!

  1. Learn something new

Whether it’s from reading novels or self-improvement books, doing on an online course or watching videos on YouTube, use this time to work on yourself and learn something you may not have had time to do before.

Our team look forward to assisting in any post lockdown event that you are planning. If you are thinking of arranging a luxury hire car or stretched limousine, call our office on 02 8883 3331 to speak with our friendly consultants or visit www.getchauffeured.com.au to make an enquiry.

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As Australia’s leading hire car and limousine company we have implemented further safety measures to ensure your safety and protection against the spread of COVID-19.

Our team is dedicated now more than ever to transporting our passengers with safety being our highest priority.

Taking it a step further, we have taken measures to contact the World Health Organisation (WHO) and several other medical authorities to gain information on how we can protect our clients to the best of our ability. We have taken the initiative to implement even further methods to ensure passengers are able to travel within the safest environment possible. Following measures that we have implemented to each of our vehicles and staff.

  • 500ml hand sanitiser available to passengers in the back of our vehicles.
  • Surfaces of each vehicle will be thoroughly disinfected immediately after every transfer (seats, seat belts, seat pockets, door handles, floor mats, windows, vents, switches & buttons).
  • Doors opened by Chauffeur for extra protection so passengers don’t need to touch any surface of the vehicle.
  • Constant education – we will continue educate all chauffeurs and staff as new information is available which will ensure further safety for our passengers.
  • As a precaution, reading material such as magazines & newspapers will be removed from the vehicles.
  • Reinforcement of team personal hygiene – hand washing, use of gloves and hand sanitisers.
  • All of our chauffeurs and employees have obtained a Certificate of Acknowledgement in Infection Control specifically Covid-19 provided by The Department of Health.