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How to Become a Chauffeur Driver

Do you enjoy being behind the wheel, helping people to get to their destinations and you would want to make money out of it? Then you could consider being a chauffeur driver. Being a chauffeur driver sounds like a straight forward role, but there is much more than entails for one to become a professional chauffeur driver. You will have to be ready to deal with people from different personalities, backgrounds and cultures. Many other times, you will have to go beyond what is expected of you in order to fulfil your clients’ needs.

A chauffeur is a professional driver who is employed to help people move from one destination to another on a prearranged trip. Chauffeurs transport people using luxury cars, limousines or vans. A chauffeur can either work independently or provide services for a private company or agency. The private company or agency arranges trips, such as to and from the airport, or to events, on behalf of the chauffeur.

Duties of chauffeurs

Duties of a chauffeur vary depending on the type of client. However, the main duty of a chauffeur is to help their clients move from one location to another efficiently. Chauffeurs are expected to provide the highest level of customer services during and after the trip. They should also know how to manoeuvre the city and take the best route in order to avoid traffic and save on time. Some of the major duties of a chauffeur include:

  • Pick clients

Chauffeurs are responsible for picking clients from one location and helping them get to their preferred destination. This involves picking them from the airport, from home or office and helping them get to another destination efficiently. Chauffeurs should also be able to listen to and respect their clients’ requests.

  • Keep the car clean

One of the most important qualities of a chauffeured car is cleanliness. It is the chauffeur’s duty to ensure the car is clean, both the interior and the exterior.

  • Help clients with entering and exiting the vehicle

Most times, clients travel with luggage, either light or several bags. Chauffeurs should help the passenger to load the bags in the car, and also help offload when they get to their destination. Other clients may want the chauffeur to open the car door for them or carry the bags from the car to a certain place. Chauffeurs should listen to their clients’ needs and assist them willingly without grumbling.

  • General car maintenance

Whether the car is privately owned or belongs to a private company, chauffeurs are responsible to ensure the car is in good condition. They should often check the car for potential problems and have them fixed.

Chauffeurs who drive clients such as politicians, celebrities or business executives may be required to perform a wider range of duties such as being a personal assistant, schedule planner and driver all at once.

Chauffeur skills

For you to be a successful chauffeur, there are a set of skills that you require. They include:

  • A good personality

Chauffeurs interact with different personalities of people. They should be able to provide excellent customer service by ensuring their clients are satisfied with every trip. They should also be able to remain calm and be patient even as they deal with difficult customers.

  • Knowledgeable

Clients will expect you to know the streets, cities, hotels, theatres, shopping stores, art galleries and clubs. They will ask questions about the location and they expect you to know it all. A chauffeur should also be willing to research their clients and get some information about them and what interests them.

  • Confidentiality

Chauffeurs interact with clients for long periods of time. During the interaction, they could hear or see things that could make headlines or put businesses at risk. Chauffeurs should be able to keep secrets and mind their own business.

  • Good driving skills

Of course, you will need to be a good driver to take up a chauffeur job. You should have a valid license and be able to drive within the stipulated speed limits.

  • Good communication skills

Chauffeurs should be able to communicate clearly and concisely to avoid miscommunication. They should also be able to engage with their clients in small talks and keep conversations going.

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