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Everybody loves the opulent things in life. These things can be in the form of expensive watches, having mansions, or even driving the sleekest cars. There are a wide variety of vehicles that fit the category of classic cars. Here, we will focus solely on limousines.

A limousine is an extended luxury vehicle that has a partition between the driver (chauffeur in this case) and the passengers/clients. Although there are a variety of limos available in the market, we would like to take a closer look at the hummer limousine and the stretch limousine. In doing so, we will highlight the critical differences between the two and what makes each of them unique.

Here are some of the differences between the stretch limousine and the hummer limousine:

  • Length of the auto

When talking about the sizes of limousines, you might come across the word “auto.” Auto, in this case, refers to the length of the extended part of the limo. The difference between the hummer limo and stretch limo comes in when talking about the length of their autos.

The stretch limousines are usually longer than the hummer limousines. Therefore, the stretch limousine can carry more people than the hummer limousine. The stretch limousine can carry 15 to 20 people.


The hummer limo’s capacity ranges from 8 to 10 individuals.

  • The drivers

Since the stretch limousine is very long and carries more people than the hummer limousine, there is a high level of sophistication involved in driving it.
Therefore, only an expert driver who has vast experience in driving such vehicles can drive the stretch limousines. In the case of hummer limousines, the driver does not need to be an expert. What this means is that anybody even an escort can drive a hummer limousine.

  • Level of extravagance and services provided

When it comes to extravagance and the provision of better services/packages, the hummer limousine has the upper hand. Typically, the hummer limousine is a flashy vehicle. The alloy rims, the unique body design, the eye-catching and shiny front end and sleek paint job finishing, can attract people’s attention even from a distance.
That is not all the vehicle’s interior is one to die for if you are the type of person who loves flashy things. The car usually comes with colourful lights flickering from time to time. The design of the seats, the numerous screens, picturesque setting, and everything else on the inside is just unique and magnificent. The car gives you the party/disco type of feeling.

However, the vehicle can be modified/adjusted to suit the user’s preference. For example, when going for a party, you can put such lights on to set the mood. If you are going for a funeral, you may avoid such things and opt for a more calm and chill setting.

On the other hand, the stretch limousine allows the passengers to enjoy only a limited set of options. Some of these include a sound system, videos and a bar.

  • Purpose

As earlier stated, all limousines are associated with extravagance, class and a display of the high-end lifestyle. When it comes to comparing the stretch limousine and the hummer limousine, one can point out a certain degree of indulgence associated with the two vehicles.

The stretch and hummer limousines are, therefore, used for different purposes. The stretch limo is considered to be a classy vehicle. It is, therefore, customarily used to carry people to gatherings or events, which may not necessarily be a party. The Hummer limousine, on the other hand, is mostly used in taking people to a bachelor party, disco or even a birthday party.

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