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We all have heard of the old saying that you do not get a second chance to make a first impression. The first impression will influence how people view and treat you. Within the first few minutes of interacting with someone else, whether it is verbal or nonverbal interactions, people have already formed passed a judgment of you are. These judgments will be an influencing factor of how they will interact with you that day and during later functions or events. First impressions are mainly influenced by different factors such as;

Clothing and accessories

What you wear has a huge impact on how people view you. If you dress like a successful person, people will perceive and treat you as a successful person. On the hand, if you dress inappropriately, people may think less of you and disrespect you. Accessories also play a big role. For men, a nice watch is key to portray a good first impression while for ladies a trendy handbag, good jewellery and a nice watch is key. To leave the right impression, it is important to dress for the occasion.

Posture and handshake

Posture may be a subconscious thing but they say much about us. A straight and upright posture portrays confidence while a slouched and hunched posture makes one appear timid and indecisive. A handshake also says a lot about a person since it is the first interaction that you have with the other person. A firm handshake may portray a confident and friendly personality. However, it is important to understand how firm the grip should get, you do not want to hurt the other person.

Facial expressions

Facial expressions speak louder than our words. Maintaining eye contact with the person you are interacting with portrays confidence and interest to what the other person is saying. However, you do not want to scare the person away with long stares. Smiling is also a way to show you are an approachable person and you have a friendly personality.


People do not care about the excuses you give for arriving at a meeting late. They may assume you are an unreliable person who is not able to manage his or her time properly. Getting to a meeting on time, especially when you are meeting people for the first time, shows respect. Keeping time may also show that you are a dependable person that people can trust with other important matters.

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Reasons why first impressions are important

1) First impressions last longer

Most likely, we remember people by how we met the first time. We are more likely to remember and trust people who treated us well at the first meeting compared to people who disregarded us.

2) Great first impression lead to social cohesion

Positive first impression is a ground to build up relationships that may last longer on life. A bad first impression, on the contrary, may lead to biases and social prejudice. Bad first impression can result in the development of negative feelings and attitudes that may hinder the opportunities to build a relationship.

3) A good first impression will help your audience to trust and respect you.

For instance, a public speaker who attends a meeting on time and is well dressed will earn favour with people who he is addressing and create a rapport faster. One who is inappropriately dressed and uses the wrong language, on the other hand, may appear incompetent and unprofessional. Therefore, people will form a judgment and not believe whatever he is saying.

It is very important for you to care about the kind of first impression you portray. People will interact with you depending on how they judge you from the first few minutes of interaction. To create a great first impression while attending either general events, corporate occasions or weddings, you should consider using Get Chauffeured for your means of transport. Get Chauffeured is made of professional chauffeurs who are dedicated to providing you with luxury travelling that is also both comfortable and stylish. They have a fleet of cars including, executive sedans, stretched limos, minibuses, luxury coaches and helicopters tours. Arriving in style to an event will create a lasting impression that will earn you respect.

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