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As simple as it may sound, planning a perfect date can be sweat breaking. Whether you are taking your partner for the first time or just another regular date, the event should always be special.

A perfect date is unique in its own way. However, this does not mean that it should be extravagant in nature and too complicated to plan for. All you need are some simple tips. Here is your guide to planning the perfect date.

1) Know your partner

Knowing your partner is key in defining the person’s preferences. Remember your primary goal is to enjoy every aspect of the dream date. And, of course, to strengthen the bond between the two of you. Meaning, if one’s interests are not taken into consideration, the date can go sour.

Prior to the date, a simple “would you rather” question works perfectly in determining your partner’s preferences. You can ask them whether they will prefer being adventures or just reserved. You can also go ahead and ask about the ideal places that can work best for them and many more. In fact, the questions will not only enable you to define the kind of personality you are dating, but they will also answer other key questions during the planning process.

2) Go for the perfect date in the calendar

Choosing a perfect day is more important than even the venue availability. In fact, it should come first before any event planning. An ideal date should not be highly competitive. It is a prime date when both of you are free from any corporate work. When deciding on which date to work with, carefully consider factors such as seasons and holidays.

3) Do the logistics

Prior to the date, plan for any single dime that is to be spent. Have in mind the transport and accommodation costs plus any other expenses that may find themselves in your list. A backup plan helps where the first option fails. As such, know when to incorporate a backup plan and the expenses attached to it.

4) Make reservations

Prior reservation is key in eliminating any hitch that may arise during the date. The bookings that you make will define how complex the dream date is. However, a perfect date may not mean taking a flight to oversee countries and having high-class meals from deluxe hotels or restaurants. Depending on your preference, it may mean just some few hours of the day in movie, bar or club. So before clouding your booking checklist, know where you want to go to and the size of the pocket.

Sydney restaurants that boast a nice view are usually booked out during peak season. It’s a good idea if you provide 2-3 weeks notice and book ahead to ensure that your plan is on track. Even if it falls through, you are still able to go with a second option before it is too late.

5) Create an itinerary

Creating an itinerary is necessary when you are planning for a unique and complicated dream date. It helps in staying organised and in the creation of the outline of everything that the two of you will be part of. With an itinerary, you can easily cross-check the operating hours of the restaurants and the movie store, the driving distances and any other thing that can mess up the whole event if not carefully planned.

When creating the itinerary check out for the things you may forget. These include essentials such as phone chargers and necessary clothing that matches your preferred dating spot.

6) Keep your partner notified

Sometimes we plan for surprise dream dates. However, most of them turn out messy more so when the planner lacks background information of the partner’s schedule. Notifying your partner helps in psychological preparedness. Do not get it wrong. You may not need to share with him or her the whole thing in order to pass through all the above processes. Depending on who you are dealing with, there are high chances that you can be planning a whole of these without including your partner.

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