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Over the past 16 years, we’ve established ourselves as the preferred choice for leading Australian companies and government entities in Hobart, refining our Booked Car With Driver (BCWD) services for reliable point-to-point transfers, ensuring punctual and seamless travel experiences.

We aim to ensure that every trip—whether for an early seminar or a post-conference flight—is as comfortable and convenient as possible. By offering tailored minibus & sedan hire with drivers and comprehensive corporate travel solutions, we aim to make travel feel like an added benefit rather than a burden.

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Point-To-Point Transfers & Hourly Hire

Our network in Hobart caters to all transport needs, featuring corporate sedans for a touch of sophistication and roomy people movers ideal for accommodating large groups. We ensure that travel to and from your event is meticulously planned for maximum convenience.

The comfort and convenience of your guests remain our foremost concern. Each reservation is overseen by a professional attuned to your specific requirements, guaranteeing a seamless journey on every occasion.

Luxury corporate transfer transport chauffeur private hire


Luxury corporate transfer transport chauffeur private hire

REMOVE AFTER LAUNCH Breakfasts, Lunches & Dinners



Luxury corporate transfer transport chauffeur private hire


Luxury corporate transfer transport chauffeur private hire


Luxury corporate transfer transport chauffeur private hire


Professionally Driven Movie Cars

Film Production Hire

In the vibrant world of film and production in Hobart, our service shines with an array of luxury sedans and stretched limousines tailored for any on-screen role. Our fleet, encompassing both sleek sedans and opulent stretched limousines, transcends mere transportation to embody elegance and sophistication. Our chauffeurs are distinguished not only as drivers but as vital members of your production crew, bringing a level of authenticity and professionalism with their impeccable attire and on-set etiquette training. Their on-camera presence is as impactful as it is refined, ensuring they integrate smoothly into any film or television project, enhancing both corporate travel and hourly hire scenes with a touch of class.

Luxury corporate transfer transport chauffeur private hire

Chauffeured Corporate Sedan & People Mover Hire

Hobart Airport Travel

Our Hobart-based driver network is proficient in navigating every major and regional airport, setting us apart through meticulous preparation. This includes real-time flight tracking for optimal route selection and personal greetings with a name board or your company’s logo upon arrival. Understanding the fatigue that comes with long flights and jet lag, we prioritise swift transitions to comfort, ensuring you can relax sooner. Supported by our Australian customer service team, which is available 24/7, and a booking process that’s efficient, taking less than two minutes, we’re dedicated to providing safe, comfortable, and effortless travel experiences.

Luxury corporate transfer transport chauffeur private hire

Corporate Event Transport

Easier Event Transport

As the preferred transport provider for leading Australian companies, we’ve expertly managed a diverse range of corporate events in Hobart, from intimate site visits to large-scale industry summits. Our capability extends from providing a selection of high-end sedans for smaller groups to deploying luxury coaches capable of accommodating over 800 attendees, showcasing our extensive experience and versatile fleet.

Every reservation is meticulously curated by experts attuned to your specific travel requirements, ensuring a bespoke transportation solution for you and your guests. Our service is designed for maximum flexibility, handling multiple trips, passengers, and schedules effortlessly, allowing you to easily concentrate on preparing for your upcoming board meeting or corporate event.

Luxury corporate transfer transport chauffeur private hire

Injury Recovery Transport Services

Bounce Back Faster

Our booked car with driver (BCWD) service is dedicated to ensuring your comfort with every journey, leveraging our Hobart-based professional drivers’ expertise in navigating to essential medical facilities. Our network is designed with accessibility in mind, featuring spacious interiors to accommodate any mobility aids, ensuring ease and convenience.

We provide competitive corporate rates and transparent billing practices, streamlining the process for case managers and individuals recuperating. With quick booking processes, an extensive selection of over 550+ vehicles, and round-the-clock support, we guarantee readiness to assist at any time.

Luxury corporate transfer transport chauffeur private hire

Hobart’s Most Reliable Chauffeur Service

Your Travel Partner

In Hobart, our professional hire car service excels at providing a personalised travel experience, blending expert point-to-point transfers with flexible hourly hire rates. Our professional chauffeurs, distinguished by their comprehensive route knowledge and super-smooth driving, are the cornerstone of our offering. They’re always ready to enhance your day, greeting you in a sharp suit and tie, signifying the start of a premium journey.

From managing your luggage and mobility aids with utmost care to offering courteous gestures like opening your doors, we go the extra mile. These personal touches are what set our chauffeur-driven experiences apart, making Get Chauffeured synonymous with comfort, reliability and bespoke chauffeur services in Hobart.

Luxury corporate transfer transport chauffeur private hire

Amazing customer service, driver was fantastic! Was a last minute booking and they went out of their way to help us! Highly recommend!

- Caitlyn Barnett. Feb 2024 (Google)

Excellent service. Always on time, great communication, friendly and professional drivers.

- Michael Boyce. Jan 2024 (Google)

Extremely professional and do thoroughly recommend this service .

- Rod Benning. Jan 2024 (Google)

Chrysler 300

Hobart Corporate Sedan Hire (1-4 Passengers)

The Chrysler 300C stands as an exemplary choice for corporate chauffeur services, blending elegance with practicality. Its comfortable leather seating, climate-controlled air conditioning, and accessible charging and media ports deliver a ride of comfort and connectivity. Designed to comfortably seat up to four passengers, this full-sized sedan is available in classic colours of White, Grey, and Black, ensuring suitability for any corporate event or occasion. Ideal for transporting luggage on business trips or accommodating mobility aids, the Chrysler 300C combines sophistication and functionality for the discerning business traveller in Hobart.

Get Chauffeured

Genesis G80

Hobart Corporate Sedan Hire (1-4 Passengers)

The Genesis G80 Sedan is a popular option for corporate chauffeur services, offering reliability and versatility as a full-sized sedan. It’s designed to meet both corporate and personal transportation demands, providing spacious and comfortable seating for four passengers. The G80 combines style with functionality, equipped with temperature-regulating seats, privacy-tinted windows for enhanced ride enjoyment, and a central multimedia screen for continuous connectivity and entertainment. Additionally, its ample trunk space efficiently accommodates luggage, collapsible wheelchairs, and other essentials, making it an ideal choice for business professionals and discerning travellers seeking a blend of comfort and practicality in Hobart.

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Toyota Camry SL

Hobart Corporate Sedan Hire (1-4 Passengers)

The Camry SL Hybrid stands out for its eco-friendly performance, spaciousness, and comfort, making it an excellent choice for environmentally conscious corporate chauffeur services. The vehicle’s interior, featuring leather-accented upholstery, aligns with eco-innovation without compromising on passenger comfort. It boasts a significant 524L cargo capacity and 60/40 split-fold rear seating, offering ample space for luggage and the flexibility to accommodate a collapsible wheelchair. Enhanced with a multimedia system that includes Apple CarPlay and Android Auto keeps passengers connected and entertained, ensuring a smooth and efficient ride for business travellers in Hobart, prioritising sustainability and practicality.

Get Chauffeured

Mercedes-Benz V250 (V-Class/Viano)

Hobart Corporate People Mover Hire: 6 Passengers

The Mercedes-Benz V Class serves as a versatile option for shuttle services in Hobart and minibus hire with a driver, blending spacious seating for up to seven passengers and adaptable features for inclusive travel. Designed with six seats in the rear and one next to the chauffeur, it ensures comfort for all, including space for collapsible wheelchairs and crutches. The model boasts electric doors for easy access, privacy-tinted windows for discreet travel, and a climate-controlled environment, making it suitable for corporate people mover needs. With ample boot space for luggage and mobility aids, plus an advanced suspension system for a smooth journey, it’s tailored for both convenience and accessibility, ensuring a stress-free transport solution.

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Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

Hobart Corporate Minibus Hire: 9 + 2 Passengers

In Hobart, the Mercedes Benz Sprinter bus is a top choice for group transport, perfect for corporate bus hire and events. Seating 11 with ease, it offers climate control and a smooth ride, making every journey comfortable. Its efficient design ensures effortless access and is ideal for corporate, private, or extensive travel needs. With the flexibility to accommodate larger groups, our Sprinter service highlights our dedication to professional, efficient transport solutions.

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Toyota Coaster

Hobart Corporate Minibus Hire: 20 passengers

The Toyota Coaster, perfect for corporate bus hire and group transport in Hobart, comfortably seats up to 20 passengers. Its design prioritizes ease and accessibility, featuring step-up entry and wide aisles for simple boarding. Climate control and dependable performance guarantee a smooth ride for business and educational trips alike. The Coaster fleet offers an efficient solution for organizing group transport and accommodating a variety of events with professionalism.

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