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Over 18 years of operation, we’ve built a reputation for outstanding customer service, forming strong partnerships with Australia’s leading corporations and government bodies. Our Booked Car With Driver (BCWD) services have a proven track record for reliability and efficiency, aimed at providing professional hire car services to clients ranging from corporate executives to everyday Australians.

Our difference? We listen. Our team is dedicated to providing professional, private transport that combines professionalism with a personal touch. We have streamlined our booking process to make it quick and easy, typically taking under two minutes to complete. This efficiency reflects our understanding that clients prefer to focus on other important tasks rather than logistical details, which makes us the preferred choice for corporate travel in Brisbane.

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National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Registered Travel Provider

Being part of the NDIS framework means that transport providers are held to high reliability and service quality standards. This ensures that you can expect consistent, punctual, and dependable transportation services. We offer a range of safe, clean & reliable sedans, minibuses & wheelchair vehicles across Brisbane & regional Queensland.

Film & Advertising Production Hire Services

On-Screen Vehicle Hire

In Brisbane’s professional film and production industry, Get Chauffeured stands out with its wide range of luxury sedans and stretched limousines that are specially designed for cinematic appearances. Our fleet includes modern sedans and stretched limousines that go beyond just transportation to embody style and sophistication on screen. Our chauffeurs are an integral part of your production team in Brisbane, bringing not only expert driving skills but also authenticity and professionalism, dressed impeccably and knowledgeable in on-set decorum. Their camera-ready presence elevates any film or television project, ensuring a seamless integration into the visual narrative of any production across Brisbane.

Luxury corporate transfer transport chauffeur private hire

Chauffeur-Driven Airport Travel Services

Brisbane Airport Transfers

Setting the standard for corporate airport travel, our chauffeur service ensures booking with complete confidence, offering impeccably clean vehicles for corporate teams and their clients. Knowledgeable about the dynamics of both bustling international terminals and regional airstrips, our drivers excel in providing a personalised, private welcome, complete with a name board or showcasing your company’s logo, whilst handling your luggage. Real-time flight monitoring ensures the quickest path to your destination, seamlessly integrating.

Our commitment extends to preparing for any eventuality, with standby vehicles ready for unexpected delays, ensuring reliability. Our 24/7 Australian customer service team is committed to providing personalised and professional assistance to minimise travel concerns.

Luxury corporate transfer transport chauffeur private hire

Corporate Event Hire Car Services Brisbane

Upgrade Your Group Travel

As a leading provider of corporate minibus and people mover hire, we’re well-versed in the intricacies of professional travel within Australia, including the bustling city of Brisbane. Our network of vehicles, including the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and V-Class, is designed to uphold the image of your company, ensuring that every journey reflects the high standards of your brand.

Our service provides each vehicle with a professional chauffeur who is highly skilled in navigating Brisbane’s roads. Our network of chauffeurs is committed to presenting themselves with a professional appearance and demeanour, ensuring respectful and prompt service. This guarantees that your travel needs are met efficiently and professionally.

Luxury corporate transfer transport chauffeur private hire

Transport To Rehabilitation & IME appointments

Injury Recovery Transport

Get Chauffeured has led recovery transport services in Australia, including Brisbane, distinguishing ourselves through attentive listening and adaptability to our client’s unique needs. Recognising the importance of dependable, cost-effective transport for recovery, we’ve refined our Booked Car With Driver (BCWD) services to meet the high standards expected by Australia’s leading corporations and government organisations, making us a top choice in Brisbane for professional and recovery-related travel.

Our commitment to outstanding service in Brisbane is highlighted by our streamlined booking process, designed to simplify arranging transport within minutes, which is crucial for injured patients and their case managers. We further enhance the travel experience by accommodating preferred driver requests and ensuring personalised and consistent journeys to rehabilitation centres, IME appointments, and return-to-work programs across Brisbane.

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I have used hire car services of Get Chauffeured for medical and general transport purposes and have found the service is easy to deal with every step of the way. The booking system was easy and very professional and of course the car hire service experiences were excellent. Highly recommended service.

- Charlie R. Jan 2022 (Google)

Get Chauffeured have been instrumental in providing services for myself both personal and business related. Their service from booking to driving is highly professional to say the least. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.

- John D'Urso. Jan 2022 (Google)

First time user of this service and they were flawless. On time and waiting when expected, professional driver and vehicle immaculately clean. Highly recommended

- Paul Rawding. Jan 2022 (Google)

Super-Smooth Drivers

“It’s The Little Things”

Safe, smooth drivers who are professional in their conduct and empathetic towards passengers with injuries or special needs can make a significant difference in the quality of the travel experience. Each driver is well-trained & accredited within each state.

Our chauffeurs aren’t just drivers, they’re masters of their craft, navigating through Brisbane with years of experience, ensuring your ride is as smooth as silk. Known for their excellent communication, you can count on them to be reliable, punctual, and ready for a chat if you’re in the mood.

Luxury corporate transfer transport chauffeur private hire

Chrysler 300c

Full-Sized Sedan (1-4 Passengers)

The Chrysler 300C combines practicality with comfort, making it perfect for the competitive corporate travel scene in Brisbane. It is tailored for professional use and boasts leather seating, advanced climate control, and integrated charging and media ports. Ideal for transporting business luggage or facilitating mobility aid access, the Chrysler 300C is the go-to vehicle for discerning Brisbane travellers seeking both style and substance.

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Genesis G80

Full-Sized Sedan (1-4 Passengers)

The Genesis G80 Sedan is the preferred choice for corporate travel in Brisbane, known for its reliability and versatility. This full-sized sedan provides spacious seating for four, ensuring comfort with temperature-regulating seats and privacy-tinted windows for a more enjoyable journey. The G80 also features ample trunk space, easily accommodating luggage, collapsible wheelchairs, and other travel essentials.

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Toyota Camry SL

Full-Sized Sedan (1-4 Passengers)

The Camry SL Hybrid stands as an ideal choice in Brisbane for those seeking an eco-friendly yet comfortable mode of transport. The sedan boasts a large 524L trunk and adaptable 60/40 split-fold rear seats, offering ample room for luggage and the ability to accommodate mobility aids like collapsible wheelchairs. Enhanced with a multimedia system that includes Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, it ensures passengers remain entertained and well-connected throughout their journey.

Camry SL Hire Car

Mercedes-Benz V250 (V-Class/Viano)

Corporate People Mover Hire: 6 Passengers

Our Mercedes-Benz V Class hire in Brisbane perfectly blends comfort with functionality, offering spacious leather seating for up to seven passengers, making it a great choice for corporate group transportation. This versatile vehicle is designed with adjustable seating to comfortably fit collapsible wheelchairs and crutches, ensuring accessibility for every passenger. Featuring electric doors for easy entry and privacy-tinted windows for confidential travel, it caters to the needs of discerning clients. The climate-controlled interior and ample boot space for luggage and mobility aids enhance its appeal. Thanks to its sophisticated suspension system, passengers can enjoy a smooth and tranquil journey, free from the disruptions of road bumps.

Belarus, Brest - June 03, 2019: Mercedes-Benz V-class, side view. Photographing a modern car in the parking lot in Brest.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

Corporate Minibus Hire: 9 + 2 Passengers

The Mercedes Benz Sprinter bus is a popular option for group transportation in Brisbane. Designed to carry 11 passengers, with nine seats in the rear and two beside the chauffeur, it combines personal comfort with group travel ease, ideal for corporate outings or any event needing elegant transit solutions. Engineered for easy access and roomy travel, the Sprinter offers a climate-controlled atmosphere, ensuring comfort for your team & their clients.

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